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Welcoming customers from Stoke, Newcastle Under Lyme and Cheshire

Why Upgrade Your Fireplace?

Focal Point

When entering a house, eyes are naturally drawn to the main focal point of the room: the fireplace.

No other type of heating appliance offers that type of cosy warmth where the family can enjoy gathering around the crackling flames, especially during cold, winter storms when the electricity is out, and the fireplace provides that reassuring heat.

The fireplace is often the most picturesque element of the room, with its stunning design, commanding size and stylish materials creating an unmistakable aesthetic appeal.

Adding value

Aside from the pleasing visual benefits, upgrading your fireplace can add resale value to your house, because many buyers seek a fireplace as a desirable feature when choosing a new home, as it compliments a house design and adds architectural vitality to a property.

A new fireplace is an investment in a character feature that sits right at the heart of your property and ignites the value and selling potential of your home.

Reduced Energy Costs

As the cost of heating a home continues to climb, it is worth investing in a new, more energy efficient fireplace in order to reduce fuel bills in the long term.  Old, traditional fireplaces are inefficient and expensive to run, but upgrading to a more economical fireplace will heat your main room to a comfortable temperature, allowing you to keep your thermostat turned down, ensuring you don’t waste money heating rooms that are not being used.

Modern, high efficiency gas fires have a number of built-in features that contribute to their efficient operation, such as glass-fronted, room-sealed appliances where the entire combustion process occurs within an airtight chamber, so no fuel is wasted during the operation.

Many new fires are equipped with the latest technology using remote controls, smartphones and tablets to control room temperature remotely, so that you can easily regulate the heat output of the fire to save valuable energy.

Wood burning fireplaces are becoming a popular primary heat source as they provide an opportunity to be less dependent upon utility companies.Some of the latest models even make it possible to distribute the heat throughout the home using existing ductwork.You can take responsibility over your own fuel purchases, by sourcing the most cost effective way to obtain firewood.It costs less to purchase firewood for your efficient wood burning appliance than to heat your home using utilities that depend on fossil fuels.

Your Dream bathroom design is finished, but don’t forget to maintain it!

Over the years we have seen our clients go through a similar process in the quest for that dream bathroom. It starts as a conversation, then the internet searches begin, followed by a visit to the showroom in order to see things ‘in the flesh’. In the showroom they want to fire questions at the bathroom design experts. Once the dream bathroom is fitted by their designers, they start enjoying its features and then forget to maintain it! Here are giving some tips to keep it as good as new.

Most bathrooms have some storage space where one can keep their additional items like soap, lotions, towels etc. The more you use this space, the tidier the bathroom looks, don’t let it become a dumping ground.

Most users prolong daily/ weekly cleans and wait until the bathroom looks a mess! This leads to a grimy look because bathrooms attract dirt, hairs, soap etc, which can cause damage and / or spoil your design. Try not to leave it until tomorrow, just allocate 2-3 minutes for regular cleaning. There are numerous products on the market that deal with mould, lime scale, mould and general grime.

Our team will give you tips to keep the bathroom looking as good as new. Based in Stoke-on-Trent, we are eager to help anyone who would like some advice on what is entailed, or, if you know what you want, we can give you a free estimate. Our showroom has over 20 mouth watering designs so please come down for an informal chat!

Can I fit a Gas Fire without a chimney?

If you are tempted by the look of a fireplace and its low running costs but are wondering if you need a chimney, then let us help you out! You can enjoy the benefits of a fireplace without having a chimney by means of a balance flue system which works by running through an external wall. This fireplace design uses a sophisticated flue pipe system to draw the fresh air from outside the building for combustion and expel it back to the outside through a separate compartment.

Attractive designs and models

There are a number of ways that this system can work to suit the design of your home. The advantage of the balance system is that no vent is required in the room. They use highly efficient glass fronted appliances offering a very cost-effective method for heating your home. These models are available in various sizes and heat outputs many can be combined with natural stone fire surrounds or a wide selection of beautiful, tailor-made outer frames to enhance the appearance of the fires.

Why glass fronted?

It is a completely room-sealed appliance. The gas and air required for combustion circulate around the fire chamber and concentric flue in order to create the maximum heat output. The operation is possible because the fire is glass fronted so without having the excess loss you can have an elegant and practical viewing window for the best look.

Do they make noise?

With a balanced flue gas fire there are no electrics required, meaning you can enjoy having your room heated without any disturbance and any operational noise.

How they differ from chimney fireplaces?

With chimney fireplaces flames are created by extracting the oxygen from the room and then waste gases are expelled through the chimney. These types of fireplaces may look attractive but may not be the best for fuel bills.

On the other hand, balance flue systems are sealed within the room and have a flue of double thickness which means you get a more effective heating with reduced gas consumption. Special heat-resistant glass is used so it cannot be damaged by the heat from the fire. The window is also designed to be opened and cleaned regularly, so there is always a clear and uninterrupted view of the fire.

Tips for choosing the best fireplace for your home

At G&E, we know that every home is different, and when it comes to choosing a new fireplace, your needs are different too.

That’s why we stock and install a huge range of fireplaces and stoves, each one selected to meet the widely varying requirements of the modern home and lifestyle.

So with this in mind, these are our suggestions for some areas to think about, when you are choosing new fireplace or stove:

  • Gas, electric, or real fire? The fireplaces we stock at G&E mean that this is real choice as our ‘imitation’ fires offer the same aesthetic appeal as our wood or coal ones. Choose the drama of real flames combined with the convenience of gas or electricity; or stick with tradition and an open fireplace- it’s up to you!
  • Positioning. The beauty of a G&E fire is that you aren’t limited to where the fireplace can go. Electric fires don’t require any kind of chimney or flue, and gas fires can be positioned where a flue can be created giving you the flexibility to decide how and where your new fireplace will be used.
  • Outset, inset, or wall mounted. Again, with our gas or electric designs there are many options for making the fireplace work best in your home. This may depend on the space you have available, or the pre-existence of a hearth.
  • Style. Move away from the traditional, or opt for a cosy period feature – either way you’ll have plenty of styles and models to choose from at G&E.
  • Would you rather have a stove? With these brilliant appliances ever increasing in popularity, have you considered the benefits of a stove? Ask us for more details.

Tips For Choosing The Best Fireplace For Your Home

Remember, if it’s a fireplace you want, G&E are a premiere regional supplier, with gas, electric, backwards fireplaces and stoves, all for Stoke on Trent and Newcastle under Lyme.

How to think differently about your new bathroom

If you are going for a new bathroom, why go for the same, safe, bathroom ideas as always, when with G&E Fires Stoves Bathrooms Ltd, you can create something beautiful, functional, and different.

Where to start?
Our designers use colour, shape, and texture to imagine bathrooms that are exciting and vibrant. If you want to move away from the ubiquitous spa, or hotel style bathroom, this is the right place for you.

Bathroom suite
This is a good place to start thinking about your new bathroom, as the ceramics you use can dramatically alter the aesthetic of the room – we stock suites that range from traditional or contemporary styles, to beautiful creations that provide drama and interest in amazing pure white forms.

Tiles and accessories
How you use the other fittings and fixtures in your bathroom can radically alter the feel of the room. We can help you decide on the best tiles for your look, and you can have fun browsing our cutting edge shower components, and those other vital elements, each of which can provide quality, top functionality, and designer style.

Are you a bit afraid of using colour in your bathroom? We can help you choose the right colour and use for your style, and if you want to leave the days of spa like tranquility behind forever, we can design in vibrant, contemporary colour that complements your bathroom and makes it a fun, functional space you’ll look forward to using every day.

Help from G&E
Remember, whatever you want from a bathroom, our designers are here to help you create something amazing.
We stock and supply bathrooms for customers in for Stoke on Trent and Newcastle under Lyme, so why not explore the G&E option today.

Highly efficient, Modern and Traditional Style Wood Burning Stoves

We think stoves are great and this is why!

The appeal of a real fire can often be those things an imitation gas fire can’t quite achieve: the ritual of laying and lighting it; the constant variation in flame, and the cosy smell. But as beautiful as they can be, open fires aren’t the most efficient option. That’s where wood or solid fuel burning stoves come in.

The benefits of a stove include the amount of heat that is thrown back into the room, rather than wasted up the chimney. Less soot is sent up the chimney making your flu easier to keep clean and safe, and with the fire contained behind a door, it is a safer method of burning that doesn’t risk falling burning material or sparks.

Stoves can be adapted to wood, coal or other solid fuels, and can be fitted even where there isn’t an existing fireplace!


Stoves Installation

Get in touch to find out more about stoves with G&E today.

Bathrooms Design and Installation

Quality Produced Bathrooms Design and Installation Company near Stoke-on-Trent.

If you are researching bathrooms you will know that there are many aspects of design, production, and installation, all of which add up to the quality of the finished result. With the design and installation in G&E’s capable hands, we ensure the quality of the product by only sourcing our suits from the best European based manufacturers.

These companies include:

Keramag: A leading German manufacturer, with a focus on water-efficiency and creator of a long-lasting, easy to clean glaze.

Aqata: Specialising in innovative shower enclosures.

Dansani: Danish bathroom design with clean lines, designed to work in real.

Vado: A British manufacturer supplying brass-ware, such as taps, showers and fittings to customers including some of the most luxury hotels in the world.

Find out more about our hand-picked selection of bath, shower rooms and accessories at our showroom, or simply give us a call.