Highly efficient, Modern and Traditional Style Wood Burning Stoves

We think stoves are great and this is why!

The appeal of a real fire can often be those things an imitation gas fire can’t quite achieve: the ritual of laying and lighting it; the constant variation in flame, and the cosy smell. But as beautiful as they can be, open fires aren’t the most efficient option. That’s where wood or solid fuel burning stoves come in.

The benefits of a stove include the amount of heat that is thrown back into the room, rather than wasted up the chimney. Less soot is sent up the chimney making your flu easier to keep clean and safe, and with the fire contained behind a door, it is a safer method of burning that doesn’t risk falling burning material or sparks.

Stoves can be adapted to wood, coal or other solid fuels, and can be fitted even where there isn’t an existing fireplace!


Stoves Installation

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