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Can I fit a Gas Fire without a chimney?

Can I fit a Gas Fire without a chimney?

If you are tempted by the look of a fireplace and its low running costs but are wondering if you need a chimney, then let us help you out! You can enjoy the benefits of a fireplace without having a chimney by means of a balance flue system which works by running through an external wall. This fireplace design uses a sophisticated flue pipe system to draw the fresh air from outside the building for combustion and expel it back to the outside through a separate compartment.

Attractive designs and models

There are a number of ways that this system can work to suit the design of your home. The advantage of the balance system is that no vent is required in the room. They use highly efficient glass fronted appliances offering a very cost-effective method for heating your home. These models are available in various sizes and heat outputs many can be combined with natural stone fire surrounds or a wide selection of beautiful, tailor-made outer frames to enhance the appearance of the fires.

Why glass fronted?

It is a completely room-sealed appliance. The gas and air required for combustion circulate around the fire chamber and concentric flue in order to create the maximum heat output. The operation is possible because the fire is glass fronted so without having the excess loss you can have an elegant and practical viewing window for the best look.

Do they make noise?

With a balanced flue gas fire there are no electrics required, meaning you can enjoy having your room heated without any disturbance and any operational noise.

How they differ from chimney fireplaces?

With chimney fireplaces flames are created by extracting the oxygen from the room and then waste gases are expelled through the chimney. These types of fireplaces may look attractive but may not be the best for fuel bills.

On the other hand, balance flue systems are sealed within the room and have a flue of double thickness which means you get a more effective heating with reduced gas consumption. Special heat-resistant glass is used so it cannot be damaged by the heat from the fire. The window is also designed to be opened and cleaned regularly, so there is always a clear and uninterrupted view of the fire.