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Your Dream bathroom design is finished, but don’t forget to maintain it!

Your Dream bathroom design is finished, but don’t forget to maintain it!

Over the years we have seen our clients go through a similar process in the quest for that dream bathroom. It starts as a conversation, then the internet searches begin, followed by a visit to the showroom in order to see things ‘in the flesh’. In the showroom they want to fire questions at the bathroom design experts. Once the dream bathroom is fitted by their designers, they start enjoying its features and then forget to maintain it! Here are giving some tips to keep it as good as new.

Most bathrooms have some storage space where one can keep their additional items like soap, lotions, towels etc. The more you use this space, the tidier the bathroom looks, don’t let it become a dumping ground.

Most users prolong daily/ weekly cleans and wait until the bathroom looks a mess! This leads to a grimy look because bathrooms attract dirt, hairs, soap etc, which can cause damage and / or spoil your design. Try not to leave it until tomorrow, just allocate 2-3 minutes for regular cleaning. There are numerous products on the market that deal with mould, lime scale, mould and general grime.

Our team will give you tips to keep the bathroom looking as good as new. Based in Stoke-on-Trent, we are eager to help anyone who would like some advice on what is entailed, or, if you know what you want, we can give you a free estimate. Our showroom has over 20 mouth watering designs so please come down for an informal chat!