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Why Upgrade Your Fireplace?

Why Upgrade Your Fireplace?

Focal Point

When entering a house, eyes are naturally drawn to the main focal point of the room: the fireplace.

No other type of heating appliance offers that type of cosy warmth where the family can enjoy gathering around the crackling flames, especially during cold, winter storms when the electricity is out, and the fireplace provides that reassuring heat.

The fireplace is often the most picturesque element of the room, with its stunning design, commanding size and stylish materials creating an unmistakable aesthetic appeal.

Adding value

Aside from the pleasing visual benefits, upgrading your fireplace can add resale value to your house, because many buyers seek a fireplace as a desirable feature when choosing a new home, as it compliments a house design and adds architectural vitality to a property.

A new fireplace is an investment in a character feature that sits right at the heart of your property and ignites the value and selling potential of your home.

Reduced Energy Costs

As the cost of heating a home continues to climb, it is worth investing in a new, more energy efficient fireplace in order to reduce fuel bills in the long term.  Old, traditional fireplaces are inefficient and expensive to run, but upgrading to a more economical fireplace will heat your main room to a comfortable temperature, allowing you to keep your thermostat turned down, ensuring you don’t waste money heating rooms that are not being used.

Modern, high efficiency gas fires have a number of built-in features that contribute to their efficient operation, such as glass-fronted, room-sealed appliances where the entire combustion process occurs within an airtight chamber, so no fuel is wasted during the operation.

Many new fires are equipped with the latest technology using remote controls, smartphones and tablets to control room temperature remotely, so that you can easily regulate the heat output of the fire to save valuable energy.

Wood burning fireplaces are becoming a popular primary heat source as they provide an opportunity to be less dependent upon utility companies.Some of the latest models even make it possible to distribute the heat throughout the home using existing ductwork.You can take responsibility over your own fuel purchases, by sourcing the most cost effective way to obtain firewood.It costs less to purchase firewood for your efficient wood burning appliance than to heat your home using utilities that depend on fossil fuels.