Choosing The Right Gas Fireplace For Your Home

16 August 2021

Ahead of choosing a fireplace for your home in Stoke-on-Tent, the type of flue you have, if you have one at all, will determine the type of fireplace you need. Below we will review which fireplaces are most suitable for the flue your property has.

Conventional flue

Conventional flues are a traditional model that pulls the air from around the appliance and uses the natural flow of warmed air to carry the fumes and combustibles away from the fire through the chimney. Conventional flue gas fireplaces incorporate classical and elegant designs to suit homes with a period appearance. They are the most commonly found type of fireplace in the UK and provide great warmth whilst being energy efficient.

Balanced flue

If your property in Stoke-on-Trent doesn’t have a chimney, then a balanced flue is an ideal solution for installing a gas fire. A pipe is installed through an external wall rather than expelling gas and combustibles through a chimney. Known as a ‘twin wall pipe’, the flue draws the air from the outside to provide oxygen for the flames and release the unwanted fumes outside.

Flueless gas fire

If your property is absent of a chimney and is without access to an external wall, then a flueless gas fire will provide the best option. These models utilise a catalytic converter that filters the gas by converting carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide and condensation so they can safely be discharged into the room.

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