Where To Start With Bathroom Design

5 August 2021

Aside from the sink, toilet and bath, three essential components within the bathroom design where perfect execution is critical are the floor, the countertops and the wall tiles. Creating an aesthetical balance between these three elements is key to producing the impression you’re seeking for your bathroom.

Bathroom floor

When determining which bathroom floor design and material to use for your Stoke-on-Trent property, one of the core factors in your decision making needs to focus on how the floor manages water. Endurance, feel, appearance, and price are all important considerations, but except for cost, all of these are immaterial if the surface cannot handle water. Porcelain, ceramic or vinyl tiles are all excellent materials for bathroom installation.


Bathroom countertops endure a lot of use throughout their lifespan and varying liquids, including cleaning products, bathroom toiletries and water. It’s imperative that the countertops you incorporate into your bathroom design have the same level of durability as your floor tiles and deliver a practical bathroom that complements the overall aesthetic. Two of the most popular and informed choices for countertops are marble and granite.

Wall tiles

Choosing suitable tiles for your bathroom in Stoke-on-Trent can make all the difference in appearance. Wall tiles are one of the most impressive and striking bathroom features, whether they match or accentuate the floor. Slate tiles and matte tiles are just two popular choices for wall tiles in modern bathrooms. Contact us today if you would like help from expert bathroom installers in designing your perfect bathroom.