Different Styles Of Bathroom Basins

9 January 2022

Selecting the perfect basin for your home in Congleton, Nantwich, or Sandbach is not an easy task given the wide variety of available styles and materials used. You will need to consider the size and layout of your bathroom and the location of the existing sink plumbing. When you’ve settled on a budget, then choose the appropriate style for your bathroom.

Pedestal basins

Whether a full or half, pedestal basins are one of the most recognisable styles of sinks to be found around Congleton, Nantwich, or Sandbach. Both can be attached to the wall with the pedestal hiding all unsightly plumbing. Half pedestals work well in smaller bathrooms to provide the illusion of extra space.

Wall hung basins

Wall hung basins similarly to half pedestals give the appearance of space in tight bathrooms. They offer a contemporary finish to all bathrooms, small or large and can be manufactured in an array of different materials.

Partially recessed and inset basins

Recessed basins are typically incorporated into bathrooms ledges, shelves or furniture to deliver a flawless look which saves space and supplements style. Inset basins are situated underneath or flush to the worktop to create a minimalist and flowing bathroom space that requires little cleaning.

Washstand basins

Washstand basins provide a timeless elegance to any bathroom with their classic design. The metal frames that hold the sink also serve as a handy towel rack to create extra space within your bathroom.

Countertop basins

Perhaps the most modest of all the basin styles countertop sinks are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to suit all modern or classic bathroom fashions.
If you live in Congleton, Nantwich, or Sandbach, and are in the market for a new basin, call into G&E Firestoves and Bathrooms showroom for expert and friendly advice.