Creating Your Perfect Bathroom

Perfect Bathroom

The prospect of renovating your bathroom can seem an overwhelming one initially, but you can see it as your chance to define your individuality. By following a few simple rules, you can design a bathroom that works for you and the rest of your home. Space and Style When it comes to deciding on a […]

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Why Remodelling Bathrooms Is A Good Idea

Remodelling Bathrooms

There are lots of reasons why we remodel bathrooms. Some are for aesthetic reasons, and others have practical reasoning behind them. Some people feel like sprucing up their bathroom may reinvigorate their home, or it could simply be a treat. Below, we will examine the three main reasons people remodel their Stoke-on-Trent bathrooms. It can […]

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Why Your Bathroom Is So Valuable

Bathroom Is So Valuable

Your bathroom in Stoke-on-Trent has obvious practical benefits for the entire household. Still, it also serves an essential function in creating a sense of routine, maintaining wellbeing and helping set the aesthetic tone for the rest of the house. Below we’ll go through four reasons why the bathroom is such a valuable room. Bathrooms flank […]

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How Long Does A Bathroom Installation Take?

Bathroom Installation

Installing a new bathroom suite takes time, so you need to understand how much disruption is involved for Stoke-on-Trent property if you have to make alternative arrangements. A realistic timeframe for completing the bathroom installation will help create reasonable expectations and mitigate stress. What are you installing? Understanding and itemising the features your new bathroom […]

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The Benefits Of Plants In The Bathroom

Plants In The Bathroom

When a new bathroom renovation is complete, as well as maintaining the stylish new area, lots of people do tend to adorn bathrooms with plant life. If you’ve never given any meaningful thought as to why this is, then read on as plants in the bathroom can have some surprising benefits. Air purifiers It should […]

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Different Styles Of Bathroom Basins

Bathroom Basins

Selecting the perfect basin for your home in Congleton, Nantwich, or Sandbach is not an easy task given the wide variety of available styles and materials used. You will need to consider the size and layout of your bathroom and the location of the existing sink plumbing. When you’ve settled on a budget, then choose […]

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Where To Start With Bathroom Design

Bathroom Design

Aside from the sink, toilet and bath, three essential components within the bathroom design where perfect execution is critical are the floor, the countertops and the wall tiles. Creating an aesthetical balance between these three elements is key to producing the impression you’re seeking for your bathroom. Bathroom floor When determining which bathroom floor design […]

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